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Friday, December 29, 2006

First Post! haha

Good day my readers!

Well, since this is my first posting, not going to type much as i still dunno what to type. haha
been trying to figure out how to properly edit the whole site of mine. didn't seem quite easy for the first time! haha any it time for me to transfer whatever i hae from my old site to this blog. seem like it is easier to maintain than having your own site. pretty tedious i must say. thats if u compare blog with your own. haha

well today seem to be a dull day to me. woke up late again and then went to met majella to pass her christmas present. she didn't expect my present to be so big and luckily her bag can fit in! haha lucky u girl.. after that i went for mass, its been a long time i get to go for evening mass anytime i want! haha. so many things happen this christmas. good and bad... just dunno where to start from. everything is changing, its no longer the same. no longer the way we thought or we hope to be. all i can do is pray for peace and love within one self.

Faith... is all i need.

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