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Friday, December 29, 2006

Friday. when u start to see the sun...

Today didn't start that well. this morning couldn't sleep till 10 where the fact i have to be up at 11 and get prepared to catch a movie with others! my gosh. and i woke up at 12. if lester didn't call i would've be still in virtual reality. haha. the moment i stood up from my bed i could not balance myself and i nearly fell down. was totally BLURRED man. second time i got this. guess that i didn't rest properly ah. haha

Saw Curse of the golden flower with les, Janna, Addison, Cally, Koon and Xav. apparently xav woke up at 1 pm. haha. worse than me. the show was okie. pretty much meaningless to me. and i didn't fall asleep! i was amazed i still got the strength to go thru. haha. after which we went to play pool before mass

At mass! i thought i would fall asleep! but i didn't! but i stoned, not much different. haha was trying really hard to listen to father talk. but its was really tough for me. i was busy fighting with the ZZzzz Monster. at the same time there is so many things going thru my mind that i can hardly focus. sigh. why am i so troubled all the time? is there something U want to tell me? hmmm..

Dinner time! and lan again. no life man. haha. Oh but the happening part is that Lynette, Pauline, Amelia and Christabel! they played CS. am amazed how fast they learn. haha proud of u girls! heh.

Oh and Josceline found a job and started today! haha good on u girl, hope u can cope and all. will keep u in my prayer!

home... :-)

Gilbert Gabriel

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