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Monday, January 1, 2007

New year, New Life

Hmm just woke up not long ago. feeling so tired but yet dun want to sleep further as i dun want my day to be wasted just by sleeping away! its new year man. got to do something. well thinking of going for mass. not sure if any others is going too.

Stayed over at cally's place for party yesterday! wow many of us just keep playing game non stop. haha. we played genga, uno stacko, snap, murderer, donkey, polar bear and the word game! haha we played till the dawn. stopped at about 730. goodness. never believe that we went that far. the nite and company was good.

new year, new life. where am i heading to? seem like now there is nothing for me to lose or gain, feel quite stagnant. is my life meanless? nah dun think so. just guess that there is too much things in my mind that slowly me to move forward and see whats in front of me. but at the same time, i am fear of whats ahead of me. i'm suree He will show me the way, and i just hope for all the forgiveness. i think i hurt Him too much. sorry..

am i out of the league? a league where everyone seem to be into. should i just stay quiet and wait? or just get out of the game before i get more hurt?

New year resolution, here i come.. with love and faith i believe i can do it again!

i like you...

Gilbert Gabriel

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