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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Soccer matches on the New year

its 4 am, just got back from cally's place again! haha 3 days in the roll that we stayed late at his place. i am sure he is going to be bored of us. but we won't get a chance anymore unless another long weekend again for us to catch soccer matches and stayover. haha. the match today was exciting. Liverpool won but man u drew with newcastle. goals are really nice. and Paul Scholes did it again! well done dude. haha

Before all this things, i went for mass today. was hoping to see someone, but nope, not at all. Mass was good and it was crowded! for the first time the congregation got not enough host. and i was the very last few to receive it. father have to break the host into very small pieces so that all of us get a piece. tho it is small. but i still felt the presence of God. Thank You Jesus for still been here with me after all the things i have done. sigh. i think i am thinking too much that am making my new year seems bad. seriously can anyone teach me how to relax? thought relaxing is easy, apparently not afterall. haha.

Saw Lynette's blog, she sound sad.. somehow dunno why i can sense her saddness too. but hey! stay strong girl. u will be fine. God has plan something for u that will change your life. be not afraid!! k?

Alrighty, will update when i wakes up. or.. end of my day tomorrow.

love you..

Gilbert Gabriel = )

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