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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

First day at work!

Well well well. first day at work on the brand new year. haha it went pretty ok beside my boss told me that i should left the office with no one taking care of the section and even if there is ppl coming down to work, someone who knows how to use the program to do updates. sigh everyone wanna clear their leaves, so am i. and i was already so tired.. relaly got no strength to work further. was practically stoning on my last day of work. haha. oh well but he was understanding that we want a good long break and just hoping it won't happen again. very nice guy. compare to the bigger boss, work the shit out for him, didn't seem to reward us anything.

tomorrow i got a presentation vetting at Ayer Rajah, and my presentation is not done yet. and am here updating my blog! haha horrible eh.. but i can't seem to focus very well and i dunno what to say anymore. and Somemore i know the officer that is going to vet. he is quite high standard. and wondering what he will say about me.. oh well. not worry. he is a nice guy and hope he will guide me through what i have to say.

it rained again.. kinda like it actually. haha won't be so warm. but there is others who hated rain so much, u know who u are. hahaha. and i felt like playing in the rain! but can't.. starting to cough badly and nose blocked. so tempted to take MC lah. but no, can't be a weakling! i got to be strong. hahaha

school started today! seem like many had a bad day in sch. or maybe they all dreaded to go to school. haha i guess its the bluessss and am sure u guys will sloly adapt to it once again. stay strong ppl! going sch is a fun thing.. compare to working. haha

love ya!!!!

Gilbert Gabriel

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