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Saturday, January 6, 2007


Howieee! its a friday and i hope u are enjoying yourself so far. as for me? things went pretty okie in camp beside some stupid incident that happened to me. haha one of them is when am tightening one of the bolt? so hard that i broke it and the whole thingy stuck inside. so now i have to take out the whole assembly just to remove that stupid broken bolt. haha well good part is am not that one totally responsible about it. my Staff Sergeant was with me. haha so he is consider quite.. unlucky! hahaha.

what makes me look forward for today is the CYF session. not because of the session but the people that i want to see. these people constantly lighten up my day. just looking at them smiling and greeting each other, it just makes me feel like home. and of coz i get to kow other new ppl better which is even better. Thank u for the day, hope yours went well too.

went to Lor5 to eat, tho i lost my appetite, no idea why. but yeaa. haha and i get to catch abit with fiona, keenan and Jerome! nice ppl... nice kids. and then took a cab home with Josceline, Fiona and Gerald. seem like in the cab they are talking about getting jobs and i hope they can get it and gain as much experience as possible.. :-) dun give up!

not making a decision is also a decision. make wisely while u still can.

Love ya pretty...

Gilbert Gabriel

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