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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Sunday Morning

Hello there, once again am here typing my life story. do u interested to hear? haha okie. yesterday was pretty much a boring day for me as am falling sick and got fever. kinda feel irritated. am suppose to go jogging in the morning and then help CYF to do some cleaning of St Francis, but no i didn't able to wake up.

at about 2 plus, call up Gerald about their location and met them at the pool place. when got there, they were playing snooker, 4 of them. haha and they got really hard time trying to pot A BALL in. haha then later i got a pool table to play with willy and rest join in after they finish their game.

after all the games, followed mat to tailor her pants! haha she so cute lah, like dunno what to do and all. like first time shopping. haha. oh well then she followed me to get the crispy seaweed! and we went back to st francis to slack. in there we saw Felicia, JOhanna and her friend(sorry didn't ask for your name! haha) slowly mat falls asleep so as felicia.. then only LATER! i found out Joshua was in the floor sleeping! didn't even notice! bloody blindddd hahaha.

Dinner time! went to Long John Silver with Janna, Janis, Deborah, Felicia, Andrew, Carol, mat, Lynette, Xavier and Keenan. nice bunch and ok food. haha after long talking cock and serious talk, me, keenan and apy went to play lan. when we reached there? i was stunned by how many CYF ppl was there! at least got 15 can. haha u ppl are mad u know, should make lan-ning or CS as part of your life!! its... bad! hahhaa but all had fun lah, so thats a good thing. later me, apy and gabriel stayed on to play DOTA WTF map. haha its damn funny how we torture gabriel and he kept coming to kill me because am the easiest prey. ASSHOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. i will get u back with OmniKnight! guardian angel all the way, see who die first! hahaha. we playd till about 2 plus am. goodness...

home and slept...

Rise and SHine!

didn't feel like waking up, really tired and my nose blocked is really making me drowsy and blur. but i have not go for mass yet.. so forced myself up and took a cab down. mass was rather, interestin and weird for me. i actually didn't wanna receive holy communion, but it my turn to move, i just stood up and walk... only when am closing to the minister then i realised i told myself not to take! but too late. hmmm am i sinning? but i felt the sense of relieve, somehow. haha weird.

Lunchhhhhhh, chicken riceeeeeeeeee haha

with alot of ppl that is going SP open house ON A SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY!!! eh its a day of rest. why got school open house on such day?! stupid or wat.. maybe that was wat SP stand for.. hahaha oops. heh.

and now am in church typing my blogggg

and dinner tonight with 40 over ppl. those who had helped out in the con camp of 05 and 06. guess i will update more when i get home.

rest well, love ya

Gilbert Gabriel

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