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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wednesday, Family dinnner...

630 am, my phone rang and its my alarm clock telling me it is time for work. i felt that i didn't really slept well but i was pretty alert. got up, brush my teeth, change and off to work. On the journey to work, i usually will listen to radio Class 95 every morning, just to listen Glenn Ong and the Fly dutchman bringing the latest news and gossips. it does start my day well.

Work today was ok, i was doing alot admin stuff today. faced the com from morning till evening. for the first time in my technician life i didn't break a sweat at all. haha lucky me. i guess that will last for a period of time as others do not relaly know how to use the program. tough tough. now, here comes the most boring part. all of us fall in time so that we can be release on time! guess what, my Warrant Officer wants to talk to us and he did. he took 1 hour to deliver tonnes of information and i honestly can't remember much. half the time in my mind i'm thinking when is he going to stop talking and let us go. he released us at about 630.

at that time i was thinking whether should i meet others to visit angie's grandma's funeral which is in AMK, it is in my area. but i knew i couldn't make it in time at 7 to meet them. so i told my parents i will be joining them for dinner. when i reached AMK station, i saw a bunch of ppl that i think i suppose to meet, wanted to say hi to them, but my parents were already waiting for me somewhere else to pick me up.

dinner... pretty quiet for me cause i was tired but the sight of matthew and gabriel just lighten me up. haha. but something else over the table just changed my mood. my family seem o arrange a holiday over the eve and first day of new year at Johor. i was quite annoyed, because some of us usually hang out during the eve of CNY and i dun wanna miss it. my mum was saying why can't u just spend time with us and she is sure others would like to spend time too. i totally agree! but we usually hang out at midnight and my parents will probably be sleeping. what is there for me to spend time with while they all are sleeping!? of coz i go out. and now putting this whole senario in johor. they will be sleeping and i will be in the room thinking what can i do? i was just upset that even my sister said i should set my priorities right. i mean its not that i am not, but what can i do in Johor in the middle of the nite with no friends? and i even personally make an effort that every wednesday will be family dinner and no other things. no one in the family seem to see it. sigh i'm really trying hard to be a good son, just dunno where to try harder anymore.

Sorry Angie, didn't able to go for your grandma's funeral, i really hope your family are alright. i will be praying for u and your family. stay strong.


hope u had a good day at work.

Gilbert Gabriel

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