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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Manchester United

Saturday, nite of soccer and good food at garden's. haha love the company, love the game and of coz, love the team... Man U. they never fail to entertain me. they played with Aston Villa again. last week was FA cup and this week was EPL. both they won. haha. i had serloin steak and banana spilt! yuummmmmy. haha anyway, i was with les and jeremy, my regular soccer buddies. i wonder when will ppl start joining us. the more the merrier! haha

Well, life seem to be very dull for me. is there something that i should start picking up? i want to learn driving this year, hopefully i will make an effort for it. i think its the best time for it while am still in army. after all now in army is quite slack.

hmmm.. starting to get writer's block. dunno what to write. but feel like talking to someone but no one seem to be free or understand me. sigh. am so lonely..

take care, miss ya

Gilbert Gabriel

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