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Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday blues? Nahhh

Seem like its pretty much a normal day for me. starting to get the hang of using the program in my work well and faster. beside forgetting a few steps. haha. i'm greally grateful for my Sergeant's help. he is the nicest and good looking in our workshop! and so sad he is leaving this february. so fast, thought i can learn more things from him. sigh. but still i'm glad i have still learned things from him.

talking about life, over the weekend, i was thinking how i wish my life has a reset button where i can just restart my life all over again. of coz i will lose everything. that sound sad, but i believe life will definitely change, but not the person. haha if u understand what am saying so far.

well, i do believe life can be restart in someways, depend how u wanna look at it. one of the things and is my resolution is to lose 10kg AGAIN! since my BMT days. everyday will just go jogging in the morning and evening. it just make me feel fit and confidence. somehow i really believe that fitness does boost your confident level. and of coz, who doesn't wanna look better rite? i reall hope this is one thing that i can restart and maintain it. really tough and i wonder how long will i take.

Boomy always tell me this whenever i'm in deep difficulties and troubles. he said things can be really tiring and difficult to overcome, but if i do overcome i will definitely experience alot and even become a better person, giving up is just a way out, not a solution. i do believe him, but sometime i just feel hard to move on. i really wanna be a better person. really want to be Christ-like. not sure if am heading the right direction, i'll just pray hard.

Is love really that powerful?

its tuesday tomorrow! hope u will have a nice day!

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