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Friday, January 19, 2007

Life of Praise

Ah, this week is tiring for me, but i definitely learn alot in camp. things that i never thought i will be so involve in planning some upcoming exercise and it just open up my eyes. not only that, through all this i even get to know my friends better and hope i can work well with them. well, that is all the interesting part of my week, but during the week i also screw up some reports that i never do before and i learned from the mistakes, not all but still learning. i'm so so so grateful that my officer is so patience and understanding that its okie that i made the mistake and he even encourage that the report can be improve further. behind the scene i know he must have been pressured from the higher ranking officer. THANK YOU. i know he won't get to see this. haha but i will still thank him.

Everyday on my way home, i dunno why, but i will sure ended up going home alone. not saying that i do have a regular friend to go home with. haha but i felt the emptiness in me. i know He is still standing beside me, but i just feel like there is nothing for me to hold on to! am i really becoming a loner? (always say ppl loner... hahaha) okie i find it funny myself. heh. hmm back to where i was, i starting to feel tired of making decision in the Section. even they off and leave they have to come to me to recommand. i felt the pressure but i know that is something i can handle lah. but there is so many thing need me to decide! wah lao.

took off for tomorrow, which is TODAY. haha friday. going to jog later with val and jeremy and i hope it will turn out good for me. so hard to find someone to hang out. staying at home just makes me go crazy and emo. too much space and time for my mind to go wild. hard to control what i think. i think i really need to sit down and talk to someone... Where are u? i've been searching u for my life...

the funny thing is i can encourage someone to look at life at very postive view but i can't make myself to do so? what wrong with me man. what wrong...

But i still wanna thank U forgiving me this life, a life that i will only live once and i have to do my best. i know U are always looking out for me, i know U will never leave me. somehow somewhat i know U will touch my life through someone. U gave me almost everything i wanted. U have been the greatest friend i have. all the things i have done wrong, U might probably forgive me even i can ask for your forgiveness. U planned my life, it depend on me whether i want to take the path. i pray everyday to ask for your guidance. I wish i can dun sin for one day. but yet U still forgive me. what have i done to deserve U. i can't live WITH or WITHOUT U...

U are the KING OF MAJESTY, for u i WANNA SEE U lifted high all the time. i want to lead a LIFE OF PRAISE, ALL IN ALL? with POWER OF YOUR LOVE u will tell me WHO AM I. U are the only way... ONE WAY and all i want is U, u are MY REDEEMER.

All the promises i made and i broke i seek for your grace and patience.

Hold me and kiss me...

Gilbert Gabriel Chan

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