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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Hey hey. haha once again its friday for me again. nothing much happened today. pretty much dull i must say. but still alright. for the past few days it has been really busy for me. the moment i reached home, i'm like about to fall asleep. but i can't, cause i had two PNW practice this week and its preparing for the youth rally this saturday. and guess what! i thought i would need to work on weekend again cause of some issues that couldn't settle in camp. THANK GOD. haha amen.

Supper, didn't eat much cause am quite turn of with some stuff. but in the end am alright with it. after all, some leopard can't change its spot. hmm.. tomorrow is the sec 1 retreat and the youth rally. going to be a long day. going to turn in soon. lets hope i get a good rest. hahaha

great to see u.. =)

Gilbert Gabriel

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