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Thursday, May 17, 2007

His Ascension is my dissension

I missed mass today, not because I got no mood to go or choose not to but I had to overtime in my camp to push out more vehicles for the upcoming exercise. I am very upset about it that my Warrant didn’t allow me to leave early even I have requested. This is not my first time having OT and can’t go for mass. Sigh, upset about the whole thing.

More annoying part is I didn’t even do anything about the day of Ascension like abstain or refrain from certain things. Feeling so disgrace about myself.

My OC spoke to me today, regarding how is my relationship with my section, and I found out some of them have been complaining about me. Not exactly know what they complained about but all my OC trying to bring the message across to me on leadership. And one thing that struck me most is, sometime we can be the cause of the whole problem but we do not realize if we dun often reflect about our doings. I totally agree with me. Not because I dun reflect or think about things, but I reflect and think about it a lot and at the end of it I chose to make lousy decision just because I simply can’t be bother with people constantly want more welfare and less work. And that’s where leadership comes in to MOTIVATE and INSPIRE them to work. Its so tiring to keep facing them thinking that they are always right and if they do something wrong we have to guide them. Its really life-taking… slowly I realized being a catholic is not easy and being a catholic in the ARMY is even more not easy. Somewhat somehow these ppl are constantly testing u and trying u out.

I just have to continue be humble and suck it up on whats going on and try to make things better. I know YOU will help me.

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