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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

May... Be

Month of May… Be

Maybe I can be a doctor someday?
Maybe I can be pilot someday?
Maybe I can study my whole life?
Maybe I can be a great musician?
Maybe I can be a good husband?
Maybe I can have abs? hahaha
Maybe I can be the one? (sorry only applicable to girls)

There are so many maybes. Sometime I just dunno what I exactly want. Life has so much choice but sometime we choose not to decide and let it be. Hmmm making decision is a skill. U think u have it? Well everyone has that, its just the matter of whether u make a good decision or a bad one base on what u believe! No doubt we make wrong a bad decision base on what we feel ONLY, and never include your BRAIN. Haha. Well that’s my thought lately.

Eh now that am on MC till Thursday, really trying to do fruitful stuff and of coz at the same time get a good rest. I was surprised that the doctor was so generous to give me so many day MC when TTSH is the last place I hope to visit. Well, looks like my mindset has been changed. Hahaha. The ED, emergency department was very crowded yesterday but I was serve in less than an hour. Very impressed actually, and then comes the nurse to clean my wound… my gosh that was like my worse time of my life. She clean my wound till it look like it’s a fresh new wound! That’s how clean she did, and was so painful. She told me I should have use cotton for my wound cause it will stick. Well, learned my lesson.

Hmmm guess that’s all I will talk today!

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